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The Christ Resurrection Path

 Much is changing in the world. Many are finding themselves in fear, feeling hopeless, confused, and lost in these times. Many are finding themselves spiraling into great crisis on many many levels. The good news is that if you allow these things to draw you closer into communion with God instead of taking you down, your crisis can become the fertile ground for you to be born anew. 

Just like the caterpillar must sheds it’s skin again and again to accommodate it’s rapid growth, so do we, until one day the caterpillar goes into the chrysalis to dissolve completely to all its ever known, and become the butterfly it was always meant to be. This is a time of Divine rebirth. This is the great awakening.

Behind the fire and brimstone meaning we have all been taught about what the word “apocalypse” means, lies a simple truth. The truth is that apocalypse derives from a Greek word that means “to uncover that which has been hidden”. That is exactly the process of death and rebirth that we are all experiencing on many levels at this time.

God’s Holy Trinity exists throughout all of His Creation from the very macro down to the the very micro of cosmic, planetary, and bodily experience, that are all interconnected with one another. The Masculine Father, and the Feminine Mother, come together to create a third energy their Child. The giving electric light of the masculine Father always seeking out the receiving magnetic dark womb space of the feminine mother that nurtures and births that impulse of creation into form. You cannot have one without the other. It’s why you need a father and a mother to make a baby, why the electric mind joins with the magnetic heart to create the electromagnetic fields of our bodies, why the position of our dark feminine moon is designed to receive the masculine light of the sun as it travels in it’s rhythmic cycles and moves our tides, and why masculine lightening is always seeking out the feminine ground. This is God’s original Divine Blueprint of Creation.

The transformative womb space of The Mother, the Source of All of God’s Infinite Creation, now holds the space for a massive rebirth that is occurring all the way from the collective planetary scales and beyond, down to the micro of personal and cellular experience, happening all at once simultaneously, and at many quantumly multi-faceted levels.

Like a seed that is planted in the cool darkness of nutrient rich soil, This sacred container of the Mother’s Womb, is a place of pure potential and possibility, and the birthing place of Father God’s Will and His Light Impulses of Creation.  

It’s a place where all our traumas, pains, and sufferings can finally be seen in a different light through God given revelation. It’s a place where all can be held in love and compassion, as it is all resurrected, and we are rebirthed. This is where God can take all you’ve been through, and turn it into ways to bless the world through you, in Divine purpose.

In this, more and more of who we truly are in the Eyes of God is unveiled, and we begin to remember our divinity as children of God. With every step we take in full faith and trust deeper into our own inner connections with God, and out onto our unique Divine Paths of service to humanity, as a conduit of and for our Creator.

Now is a time when we must learn how to truly forgive ourselves and others like never before, on the deepest levels that only God can take us to. Through mobius strips of forgiveness for ourselves and others, that weave in and out of time, space, lifetimes, and bodies, all is resurrected in the Love, Light, and the unshakeable truth of God. Now is a time when we finally must allow ourselves to  wholeheartedly accept the atonement for ourselves, that Jesus Christ died on the cross to provide for us. His crucifixion gave us the only doorway home to our salvation, and His Resurrection is our Holy Birthright. He is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father but through Him.


The more we let God teach us how to use all things that show up in our life experiences as teaching tools of forgiveness and resurrection, the less we suffer. The more we connect and commune with God at our own inner altar to God within, and allow ourselves to be led, we open and align our conduits to higher frequencies of Divine Guidance, Divine Grace, Divine flow, Divine Miracles, and Divine Synchronicities. We become reconnected to our God given natural rhythms, and cycles, and we begin to merge our drops of water back into the Great big Ocean of God.

There are countless roads, situations, and cul-de-sacs we can encounter and spiral down in the “Big Shiny Religious and Spiritual Supermarkets” of the world. They can send us down rabbit holes of false beliefs, and false light teacher’s, derailing us further and further straight into spiritual crisis, making us more vulnerable and susceptible to energetic manipulation, dark magic, and spiritual attack. At times it may feel like we are all alone holding on to our faith by a thread, but that is when we must hang on and anchor ourselves into God the most. It can be so difficult to navigate during these times, especially when we are working and operating from a place of our own limited human perception and volition. God knows every hair on every head we’ve ever had. God’s knowing goes way beyond our human understanding. Some of the things God has been working in each of us spans through lifetimes. They are an intricately woven Divine tapestry of those culminated collective lifetimes, that weave in and out of time, space, bodies, lineages, and bloodlines. Trusting, and remembering our own personal relationship with God and Christ is the only way to truly remember who we are. We must let God guide us step by step, showing us where to go/how to move/what to do/and when. We can only see a small portion of the road, but God sees the whole map. I am simply here holding a light in the darkness for my brothers and sisters in Christ, to find their own Divine connections and paths back home to God, in their own Divine time, in their own Divine ways.