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Maria Teter

Maria Elena

My name is Maria Elena. I’ve been taught by God, from very early on in my journey to live in the quantumly multi-faceted dichotomies of life. I live in the place where “A Course in Miracles”, “The Gnostic Gospels”, and “The Bible” meet, letting God lead the way. God speaks to me on many levels about what is the human hand in things, and what is The Truth of God.  Often it is not so cut and dry, but a mixed bag of truth mixed with lies that needs to be sifted through. Sometimes the truth is hidden under many layers of distortion and misperception, that lay in the consciousness and body. Through my own personal relationship and connection with God, many magical and mystical doors of embodiment and remembering have opened to me at the deepest levels . I’ve always been too spiritual for the religious, and too religious for the spiritual. In this place of unique understanding, God has kept me especially close.

I work as a conduit of God on quantumly multi-faceted levels that span from the macro of universal and collective experience and beyond, down to the micro of personal and cellular experience. All God resurrects within me, is used in the highest Divine service to the whole of all souls and all of humanity. My embodiments become a beacon of light for others to find their own unique Divine ways by. We can never truly share what we have not embodied ourselves. God takes all we hand over for correction and resurrection, and transforms it into something to bless the world with.

I am a God sovereign, and free Will Being. I Am a conduit for God’s unconditional Love, Work, and Divine Essence to flow uniquely through me in service to God and Christ. They take all that I heal and embody within myself in my own process and not only transforms it, but use it as a way to bless others in their own awakening and healing journeys.


I Am  an awakening part of the Body Of Christ, a Divine Child of God…..and so are you.

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