“Giving and receiving are two facets of the endless flow of life and love that nourishes and sustains us all. The channel through which we receive is the same channel through which we give. When we restrict either through fear and doubt, the other is simultaneously limited. When we are fully open to receive and also give, maximum life, love, and light flow through us and into all we touch. A righteous Mobius strip of giving~receiving flows back and forth and feels right to all involved. We ask you to join us in a world in which we all give to each other and life in joy, from the guidance of our own soul. In this world, there everyone will have exactly what they need and abundance will be everywhere”

~Karen Anderson & Barry Snyder 

Birthing The Luminous Self

I am committed to making this work available to everyone who is truly called to experience it. I request that you go into your heart and soul and contribute as you are guided. As a guideline, I am called to request $200/hour and a half (90 min.). But If you feel called to do this work and have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact me. I am guided to be open to working with people whose financial situation has been impacted by spiritual crisis for less than my requested amount, and in some cases even pro bono. I would ask those who have greater resources to consider contributing more than my requested amount, so that I might serve more who are in true need.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Thank you for your contributions!